Kabaddi is one of the most famous Indian games. Kabaddi Betting online is also growing in poularity.
Online Kabaddi betting
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About Online Kabaddi Betting

Kabaddi is the second most famous Indian game after cricket. Although it is an ancient contact sport, it was introduced as an online game with Kabaddi betting in 2014, in India. From an entertaining pastime to a top-rated sport at national level, it’s famous for the speed and agility of players. Placing Kabaddi bets is just part of the fun.

As Kabaddi became more popular, so did the thirst for Kabaddi betting on the game, which has two teams with 7 players each. Today, you can enjoy playing online in the comfort of your home on any mobile device. There are multiple betting options, and you can choose to play the game either for fun or for real money.

Finding The Best Kabaddi Sites

It is easy to find Kabaddi betting sites, just visit Google and search for the best ones. Once a list of the sites pops up, click on each one of them and go through their reviews. Pick reputable betting sites with positive reviews. Also, check the terms and conditions offered as well as their licensing and security and odds offered.

There are now many good sites in India where you can register and place your Kabaddi bets. Research before you start playing and ensure that the online site accommodates Indian players with currencies and payment methods available. You can access many excellent international sites from India, and make your first venture into the world of Kabaddi.

Getting Started With Kabaddi Betting

It is easy to make Kabaddi bets online once you register with your favourite site. Once you create an account, make your deposit via one of the payment options provided by the site. You might also be able to claim a welcome bonus on your first deposit, and enjoy some free wagers if your Kabaddi betting site offers them. This will enable you to enjoy betting for longer and maybe even take home some winnings.

Remember that this is a game of skill and you will need to understand the rules and regulations of the game. It also requires you to know about the players well in terms of their strength and weaknesses. If you opt for a team choice, your team wins when they get hold of all their opponents.

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Kabaddi Odds & Bets

Most online Kabaddi sites in India offer you a variety of markets. Some markets have better odds, however, the majority of them offer standard odds of 1×2 your bet. If you are a beginner, you can usually bet on a draw or choose a side for Kabaddi betting. But there are others like goals per half, and plenty of different options available.

It is simple to place a bet on your favourite match or team. As a novice player, just pick a team, check their Kabaddi odds and place a wager on your prediction. Alternatively, bet on a draw, the number of predicted goals, hourly goals and yellow or red cards. The betting choices and odds are extensive.

Handy Tips For Beginners

There are hundreds of Kabaddi betting tipsters online that you can choose from as a beginner. However, once you research, you will soon find that you don’t have to depend on them. To increase the quality of your predictions, you can try betting without real money and monitor the outcomes. When you are ready to play for real money, you will have increased your winning chances.

Handy tips for beginners

Kabaddi Betting Summary

Kabaddi betting online is a fun-filled pastime that has risen in popularity to modern fame. Thanks to the growth of technology, it’s also something you can enjoy any time and anywhere. There’s a wide range of bets for all kinds of player level, and even the option for accumulator bets, power odds and live in-play wagering.


Kabaddi betting in India online is legal in international online casinos. Just ensure that the one you choose is regulated by a well-known body to ensure that you’re betting in a free, fair and transparent environment. You can then rest easy knowing your transactions and data are protected when you place your Kabaddi bets. If you’ve never tried it before, try it out today!