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As Kabaddi’s popularity has grown, so has the overall interest in betting online. With millions of fans in Asia, India and Bangladesh, it’s now a great choice for bettors worldwide. The Indian Pro Kabaddi League is just one of the options. However, before you rush off to place wagers, you need to understand the fundamentals of betting on Kabaddi and Kabaddi odds.

Kabaddi is an officially recognised sport and the national sport of Bangladesh. It’s a contact game played with two teams, each with 7 players. These teams play on opposite sides of a court or field, and the objective is to cross into the other side, tagging players in the process. As such, there are a wide variety of betting options and Kabaddi odds to choose from.

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What Are Kabaddi Odds?

Kabaddi odds will vary between the two main forms of the game. The first is the standard game which is used in the international tournaments and is played on a rectangular playing field. Players occupy each half of this rectangle, and each team have five substitutions. There’s a 30 second time limit for the ‘raid’ or attack, to be successful, players must get back to his own side without being touched.

The second type of Kabaddi is played on a circular court or field. There are some minor rule differences which make betting on Kabaddi even more fun. Any team that can oust all opposing team players will earn an extra 4 points. This game does not have any fixed duration and also has 4 major forms, all of which are recognised by Amateur Kabaddi Federation.

Learning About Kabaddi Odds

Betting odds for any game tell you exactly how likely an outcome is in a match. They also indicate how much cash you can win if you get lucky. Betting odds are all about probabilities, and Kabaddi odds are no different. They show you the likelihood of your favourite, or the underdog, winning when you’re betting on Kabaddi. Bookies calculate these probabilities by using detailed research on form, statistics and history.

There are also in-play odds, or live odds, for the thrill of live betting on the potential result. These are updated frequently during the game, depending on how the match is going. Betting live is one of the best achievements of today’s technology, revolutionising the level of fun we can have with Kabaddi.

Placing Your Kabaddi Bets

There‚Äôs no single online bookie that will consistently offer great Kabaddi odds. To get the most value from your bets, it’s always best to shop around and compare what’s on offer. Find the one that suits you best and look for the top deals. The available markets are not as varied as many other sports, but there are still plenty of options.

When you start out, it’s good to wager on your favourite and keep it simple. Just choose a side, then place your bet on the odds provided. You can also bet on a draw or exciting choices like the number of goals or number of yellow or red cards. These additional markets are great fun and can be more lucrative.

Kadabbi Betting Strategies

There is only one simple rule for winning with your bets on Kabaddi. Study, study and study! To be successful means being able to forecast the results accurately, but some betting strategies can help to increase your Kabaddi odds. Backing the underdog or spotting an underrated player can work well, as can betting on all-rounders. You will soon be experienced enough to develop your own strategies to increase your wins.

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Kabaddi Odds Uncovered

Kabaddi betting is interesting, so we hope this guide to Kabaddi betting and Kabaddi odds will help you to get started. Remember to be smart with your money, be pragmatic about your bets and make wise moves. Managing your finances is vital, so never get emotional or invest your whole budget in the same markets. First and foremost, betting on Kabaddi should be a fun experience!

You may never have played Kabaddi online or grown up playing the game, unlike Football or Cricket. Understanding the rules of the game and studying expert match predictions will offer you much-needed insights. Once you are acquainted fully with this amazing sport, you are ready to move slowly into the different betting markets. You will never look back once you have started betting on Kabaddi online!

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